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IF Type flotation machine


Pneumomechanical flotation machines of the IF type are state-of-the-art devices designed to conduct flotation of useful minerals, including non-ferrous metal ores and coal. They are the result of research and design work carried out at the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Gliwice. The IF type flotation machines can be used in the flotation of pulp with a wide range of solids concentration, as well as in the enrichment of minerals with a high specific gravity. IF type flotation machines can operate as single-chamber flotation machines, but are most commonly assembled into multi-chamber flotation machines. Depending on the technological concept and location, the individual chambers are arranged in a straight line or in any broken line. The chambers of the flotation machines are cylindrical with capacities ranging from 1 m3 to 100 m3. Thanks to the technologies used, the service life of the IF flotation machines has been considerably extended.

The design of the aerator (rotor + calming unit) enables the flotation process to be carried out at a low peripheral rotor speed depending on the properties of the ore to be enriched. The distinguishing feature of the IF type flotation machines is the low specific power consumption.


The feed material for flotation is fed to the flotation tank via a sending box, which is optionally installed inside or outside the machine, depending on the properties of the material to be floated and the location of the machine foundation. The froth product (concentrate) is withdrawn from the machine via receiving troughs arranged around the perimeter and radially at the top of the chamber. Depending on the capacity of the flotation machines and the type of flotation, 4-8 radial troughs are used. Flotation tailing are collected using waste boxes optionally installed outside or inside the flotation machine. The outflow of flotation tailing is regulated by a “plug and socket” valve. The movement of the plug is optionally controlled by pneumatic or electric actuators.


The flotation machines type IF are equipped with reliable automatic control systems, such as:

– system regulating the quantity of air fed to the flotation machine,
-system to regulate the level of slurry in the flotation machine,
It is also possible to equip these machines with a system for regulating the dosage of flotation reagents.

The machine control centres are located in control cabinets equipped with PLC microprocessor controllers.

These cooperate with the measuring and actuating devices installed in the facilities, which enables optimum automation of the technological process. All control cabinets are equipped with touch-screen operator panels allowing full control of the process and an overview of flotation parameters.

The automation and control systems installed in the IF machines are adapted to work in an Ethernet network.

IF Type Flotation machine

Drawing of an IF flotation machine

Drawings shows flotation machine IF type in which both feed box and tailing box are external.

1. Flotation cell
2. Feed box external
3. Tailing box (external)
4. Aerator
5. Drive’s service platform
6. Concentrate peripheral through
7. Concentrate radial gutter

Overall dimension ⌀ A3250406043004900530053006550
Overall dimension ⌀ B2800322037604300475047505800
Overall dimension C3718593051006500600060007070
Electric motor rated power [kW]3030 / 37454555110 / 132
Effective volume of the chamber102030454860100
Maximum process air flow rate [Nm3/h].<300<480<480<840840<1200<1800
Pressure of process air [Mpa].0,03 – 0,06
Air pressure in the automation system [Mpa].0,4-0,60,4-0,60,4-0,60,40,40,4-0,60,4-0,6
Total weight [kg]6275112001310018600195002200027690

Technical brochure of the IF machine